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Rexroth Metering Pump Repairs and Rebuild Services

Rexroth Bsch metering Pumps

Metering Pump Repair

RLE's pump repair and rebuilding technicians are experienced and fully trained by Rexroth for the rebuilding of all polyurethane and elastomer processing metering pumps. All pumps are tested for pressure and flow to Rexroth specifications prior to shipment. Rexroth pumps are rebuilt using original Rexroth parts. Ray Lutick Enterprises also stocks and supplies a full line of spare parts for Rexroth pumps including seals, bushings and more...Rexroth Metering Pump for Polyurethane - A2VK and A7VK

In most cases, pumps can be rebuilt for much less than the cost of a new pump, and most pumps can be rebuilt more than once.

When your pump is received, we disassemble and clean it to assess it's condition. Our staff provides a written rebuilding estimate. Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will advise you promptly of a delivery date for your rebuilt pump.

RLE can service pumps from all PU machine manufacturers.

Ray Lutick Enterprises, LLC is headed by Ray Lutick who brings with him over 25 years experience in the Polyurethane Industry and has built a business based on a total commitment to provide RIM Equipment and Service tailored for the individual customer.

Rexroth Bosch Models A2VK and A7VK Variable Displacement Bent Axis Pump Key Features:

  • Sizes 12 to 107, frame size 1 and 4 (type A2VK)
  • Size 28, frame size 6 (type A7VK)
  • Axial piston bent-axis design
  • Open or closed circuit
  • Material-modified high-pressure pump for delivering polyurethane components
  • High dosing accuracy and reproducibility of the adjustable delivery volumes
  • Increased corrosion protection through special surface treatment
  • Manual control with precision indicator and clamping device
  • Dual shaft seal made of special material and flushing chamber for damage detection and environmental protection
  • Good volumetric efficiency

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